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Day Camps

We are excited to offer a variety of day camps and events for every age group.  Take a look; we're sure you'll find something that fits your interests.

We start with a kick-off camp specifically for families with young children. Then, we've planned a variety of fun and inspiring days for various ages and interests.  Lets round up the summer with a special event for women desiring to deepen their relationship with God and with other women.

We are so excited for this year's camp line-up.  Check out the information below!

Campers proud of building their armor of God project

Check out these day camps and events

~ May 4:   Bubbles Family Day    Saturday @ 9:00-1:00 for Littles (0-5) & their families

~ June 15:  Nature & Creation Camp   Saturday @ 10:00 - 2:00 for all ages

~ June 17-21:  Kids Encounter Day Camp   Monday - Friday @ 9:00-3:00 for 2nd-5th graders

~ August 10:  Women's Day   Saturday @ 9:00-4:00 for women ages 15 and up

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